Fund Announcements

June 17, 2017

Update regarding Charles Schwab and FPA Crescent Fund

Effective June 14, 2017, Charles Schwab updated the ticker symbols investors use for the FPA Crescent Fund.

FPA Crescent Fund remains open for new and subsequent purchases on Schwab’s “Transaction Fee Fund” platform. Starting June 14, 2017, investors purchasing on that platform will need to use ticker FPACX for purchases. Prior to June 14, 2017, new purchases were made with ticker FPC1Z. Certain investors who initially purchased the Fund prior to July 2008 under the FPACX symbol will still be able to purchase shares, but those investors will now use the FPC1Z symbol. The Fund’s expense ratio for both ticker symbols is identical and unchanged, but Schwab may charge additional fees depending on which symbol is available to you.

Please contact your Schwab representative or the Schwab trading support team should you have any questions regarding this update.