Assets Under Management

FPA focuses on seven investment strategies: Absolute Fixed Income, Contrarian Value, World Value, International Value, Small/Mid-Cap Absolute Value, Small/Mid-Cap Quality and U.S. Value. Under each of these strategies are mutual funds and separately managed accounts. Contrarian Value strategy also has private funds which are available to accredited investors and qualified purchasers.

As of September 30, 2015


Assets* (Billions)

Absolute Fixed Income   6.50 21.1%

Contrarian Value  20.97 68.2%

World Value   0.15  0.5%

International Value   0.50   1.6%

Small/Mid-Cap Absolute Value   1.77   5.8%

Small/Mid-Cap Quality   0.64   2.1%

U.S. Value   0.23   0.7%



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